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Crazy Caramel

Gourmet coffee comes in such a huge array of types and flavors that it can be overwhelming to see a list of it all. Fortunately, it is usually fairly easy to narrow down your choices once you make a few preliminary decisions. It is also fun to try them all, so don’t worry if you end up with several candidates. Here are some facts about the production of flavored coffee beans and tips on choosing which ones to try.

One of the first things to decide is whether you want plain coffee or flavored. The taste of plain coffee depends on how it’s roasted and where it’s grown.

Gourmet flavored coffee has differences in roast as well. However, most of its taste comes from additional flavoring oils that are added after harvesting. To produce the proper taste, coffee beans are first roasted as usual. Once cooked, the desired flavoring is sprayed onto the beans. As the spraying takes place, the beans are stirred or otherwise agitated to ensure uniform application of the oils. Finally, the beans are quickly packaged to avoid any loss of flavor strength or quality.

Berres Brothers Hazelnut Cream Decaf

Hazelnut Cream Decaf

Producing coffee flavoring oil is no easy feat. Professional flavor chemists mix up to 80 ingredients to produce the desired result. Experiments are then conducted to determine the proper amount to use for a batch of coffee.

 Flavored Coffee Beans

The most popular flavors in the gourmet coffee market tend to have creamy, sweet overtones. This is because cream and sweetness smooth out bitterness while leaving coffee’s pleasant properties alone. Nut flavors are also a perennial favorite. In many cases, flavored coffee beans carry a mix of cream, nut, and sweet tastes.

Flavors that contain these popular elements include creme brulee, amaretto almond, hazelnut, pecan and others. Even though some types of flavored coffee don’t mention having a cream element, that doesn’t mean it isn’t in there. Hazelnut is one example of a flavor that almost always has a detectable level of cream taste even though its name doesn’t announce it. Berres Brothers makes an excellent Hazelnut Cream Decaf for those that want the flavor without the kick!

If you want more than a hint of cream or sweetness, there are plenty of flavors dedicated to satisfying this demand. Dessert flavors include chocolate brownie, Cafe Excellence’s Crazy Caramel, vanilla cream, coconut cream, butter rum, mint and other delicious choices.

As you can see, there is a gourmet flavored coffee for everyone. By deciding which taste elements are important to you, you can narrow down your selection and quickly find your favorites.


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