Go to Jermiahs' Pick CoffeeJeremiah’s Pick Coffee is a premier coffee roaster with a commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility. Founded in 1993 and based in San Francisco, Jeremiah’s Pick has impressed coffee connoisseurs for almost 20 years with its fresh premium roasts and bold flavors. Each bag of coffee is specially packaged within hours of roasting, to lock in the coffee’s natural flavor and freshness. The result is a smooth specialty blend in several gourmet flavors.

Keeping it in the Family

 While many commercially-traded coffees are mass-harvested, Jeremiahs Pick coffee is made from beans grown on family farms and cooperatives that support sustainability and ethical practices. Each year, Jeremiah personally selects farmers who share his respect for the land and meet his high standards for premium beans. By investing in strong personal relationships with environmentally-responsible growers, Jeremiah’s Pick is able to ensure superior coffee products that are produced responsibly.

Each organic coffee selection is certified by the USDA-accredited California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and backed by Jeremiah’s personal guarantee.

The Unique Roasting Process

The San Francisco-based company is able to develop exciting flavor profiles with the use of an innovative, three-bag roaster. This roaster allows heat to re-circulate around the beans, preserving the flavor while removing the smoky aftertaste. Each batch of premium beans is hand-roasted to capture the true essence of the coffee’s delicate flavor.

In 2007, Jeremiah’s Pick introduced a revolutionary grinder, featuring four precise steel rollers designed to heighten the flavor of each coffee granule. Unlike some competitors’ machinery, this grinder is refrigerated to protect the finely-ground coffee from the heat that naturally occurs during the grinding process.

Robust Flavor Profiles

Coffee lovers nationwide will be impressed with the expert blends and distinctive flavor tones of Jeremiah’s Pick’s hand-roasted coffee.

The popular Colombian blends are praised for their intense aroma and understated notes of sweetness. Made with 100% Arabica beans, these gourmet coffees are roasted daily and vacuum-sealed to seal in the full-bodied flavor.

For those seeking a mellower blend, Jeremiah’s Pick’s exotic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has an expertly-balanced, buttery finish, making it the perfect after-dinner coffee. The delicate Arabica beans are hand-selected and freshly ground in a precision grinder to preserve the smoothness of this silky medium roast.

Environmentally-conscious connoisseurs will also love Jeremiah’s Pick’s Organic Kona Blend, a CCOF-certified, kosher medium roast with a velvety, sweet finish.

Find a wider range of great Jeremiah’s Pick coffee beans in the Jeremiah’s Pick store.

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