Lavazza Coffee Beans

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From Super Crema Espresso to Gran Filtro Dark Roast, Itallian Coffee Company, Lavazza is serving up a tasty range of beans in 2.2-pound bags.

Named after Emilio Lavazza, the company founder,  Lavazza celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1995.  According to the company, “When we talk about Lavazza, we’re talking about quality (Qualità), that’s been built up over a century of experience, which is now at your service. The guarantee of quality from our brand comes from the dedicated work of our people and the innovative use of technology.”   You can now visit the Lavazza Italian Coffee Shop at had the following to say about popular roasts:

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso: “A great bean for a semi-automatic machine,” and, “I rate it as excellent and and better than the more expensive 100% kona coffee beans.”

Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast: “If you want a rich and full bodied coffee that has very little bitterness, this coffee is for you,” and, “It has the smoothest taste, great finish, and none of the bitterness so common in Starbucks coffee.”

Lavazza Gold Selection: “…every espresso and latte has been great. Blows Starbucks away,” and, “We’ve tried almost all the lavazza coffees and this one is our favorite!”

All of that experience shows.  Have you ever enjoyed a cup of coffee while on vacation in Italy?  Dark and rich come to mind, and Lavazza is an Itallian coffee of choice.

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