Shop Cafe Excellence CoffeeThe origin of the Cafe Excellence coffee brand can be traced back to 1958. Joe Valerio, Sr., ran a business selling coffee from Central and South America to companies in Norristown and Bridgeport, Pennsylvania. He was also known for putting coffee in thermal servers to keep it in good condition after it was brewed, which wasn’t common at that time.

His son, Anthony, opened a retail coffee house in Glenside, Pennsylvania, in 1992. Like his father, Anthony learned as much as he could about coffee. He studied different types of coffee, as well as various roasting techniques. He spent a lot of time creating his own blends and flavors, which helped set the brand apart from the rest.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified sealCafe Excellence offers specialty grade coffee that comes from more than 25 countries instead of the usual commercial grade coffee found in many brands. Specialty grade coffee, which comes from Arabica trees, has a finer flavor. The ripe beans are hand-picked instead of being harvested mechanically. All of the company’s coffee is grown on farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This means that they use sustainable farming methods that support conservation.

The company uses a special roasting process that involves dry roasting coffee and letting it cool by air. The coffee is micro roasted, which means that it is roasted in several small batches. This technique helps bring out the richest flavor from the beans. Letting the coffee air cool and then having it packed by hand once it’s roasted helps seal in freshness and keeps it from going stale.

For those looking to buy Cafe Excellence coffee beans online, the company offers a diverse selection of flavors.

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