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Stackable Coffee Cups Can’t Beat Che Guevara

Che GuevaraI guess every true coffee nut has his favorite coffee mug. You know the one that he’s used for years, with the chip out one side and an iconic picture that was likely all the rage 10 years ago. (In my case, the picture is of Che Guevara so it’s a little older than that even). It really doesn’t matter how many Dad of the Year coffee mugs this nut gets for Father’s Day either. Soon as the kid’s are out the door, the DotY mug is back in the cupboard and out comes Old Faithful.

As far as the wife is concerned, my obsession with the  Che Guevara coffee mug
is a symptom of encroaching dementia but then, she drinks decaff so what does she know, right? Still she doesn’t mind too much unless we have company over for dinner. Then if I as much as shoot a glance at Che, I am in danger of getting shot myself.

Space Saving and Trendy Stackable Coffee Cups

Last week, we hosted a small party to celebrate my wife’s parents anniversary. In preparing this relaxing get together my wife changed from being laid back and easy going kind of a gal to all of a sudden becoming a detail oriented diva. All of a sudden our coffee cup collection was below par and it was not only Che that looked worse for wear.

With her being busy with all the other organizing I was tasked to buy some nice coffee cups. Those were her exact words. Not much in the way of direction. So I nipped down to the store and came back with a set of nice little stripey cups. She promptly sent me back with them. “They look like you bought them in a store” she said.

Okay. So I went to the mall and into a little ceramic shop; bull and china ran through my head the whole time I was in there. I got out without breaking anything and returned home carefully clutching a box of  delicate and dainty cups. “It’s not a doll’s tea party, she said. Sending me back again. “Get something trendy. And we don’t have lots of space. Look for stackable coffee cups.”

Well, being the worlds laziest shopper I then did what I should have done in the first place and turned to Amazon. A search for stackable coffee cups brought up quite an astonishing selection. Who would’ve guessed there was such a great demand? There were cheap and cheerful stackable mugs for under $10 but if I had opted for the collectable MARA stoneware mugs I could have paid up to $130 for four cups!
In the end I bought a set of stackable mugs for under $50, the party went off like clockwork and the minute the guests were out the door, I broke out Che Guevara.



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French Press Coffee – Fresh and Flavorful

Bodum French press

Bodum Brazil Shatterproof

Brew a Better Cup of Joe!

The old tried and true technique of preparing French press coffee not only makes for an elegant presentation at the table, it also produces a gourmet coffee that remains Read More »

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How to Store Coffee Beans – Coffee Storage Containers

Hot coffeePreserving the Perfection

There is nothing more disappointing than buying a great roast coffee variety and then, after enjoying a robust flavor for a few days, the beans start to lose their edge. Coffee starts to lose its flavor soon after roasting when exposed to air, moisture, heat and light so to always enjoy your coffee at its freshest and most flavorful you need to store it well and purchase in sensible quantities.

The Whole Bean Experience

The difference in taste of coffee which you have bought as whole beans and ground yourself just before brewing up your cup of joe in a French Press with the taste of coffee that you have made by screwing open the jar of instant coffee and dumping a teaspoonful into boiling water is similar to the difference in taste between a bite of heavenly, ovenfresh baked bread and a mouthful of cardboard.

Having taken the plunge to start buying whole coffee beans, the flavor difference just makes every cup a more enjoyable experience. While whole coffee beans are more expensive than instant coffee powder and the brewing ritual requires a little more time and effort it all becomes such an integral and enjoyable part of your morning routine that your day would be off to a dull start without your morning cup of whole bean joe.

Storing Coffee in the Freezer

It is quite common to hear about people storing coffee in the freezer. Freezer storage is great for lots of things especially many vegetables because in many cases the act of freezing maintains the nutritional, vitamin and mineral content. For coffee though, freezing is not the best storage method.

For one thing, coffee beans are porous and they have a habit of absorbing the flavor or aroma of other strong foods in the the freezer. Your dinner guests might love macadamia nut or French vanilla flavored coffee but it is doubtful if coffee tainted with onion or seafood from the freezer is gong to go down quite as well.

Another problem with storing coffee in the freezer is that moisture  will infiltrate the bean every time you remove the pack of coffee. For that reason if you are going to freeze coffee, separate larger quantities into smaller zip seal bags and remove them one at a time. Do not take a bag from the freezer until you are ready to use it and once it is out of the freezer do not return it.

Freezing also breaks down the oils in the beans.  As the oils are in large part responsible for the flavor of the coffee when they get broken down the coffee will lose some of its taste.

Storing Coffee in Glass Jars

Whole bean coffee looks beautiful in those bug chunky glass jars on the counter top but if you choose to store your coffee that way the light will get to the coffee beans and the flavor will leech out, leaving you with a cup of warm brown water.

Coffee Storage Containers

One of the best tips for buying gourmet coffee and enjoying the last cup from the package as much as you enjoyed the first is to buy in quantities that you will use in about two to three weeks max. You can get some great deals on wholesale quantities of coffee (especially from Coffee Bean Direct) but if you have to store it for a long time and the coffee loses its flavor … well that is a poor economy.

To benefit from the savings on wholesale coffee, purchase with a neighbor or friend then split the quantity so you are each storing less. Then, if you are going to store your coffee in the freezer split it into smaller quantities and use airtight ziploc bags. Alternatively invest in a good set of airtight coffee storage containers – opaque glass or ceramic are best as metal and plastic have been known to impart a little flavor of their own. Keep your whole beans in one container and grind up just enough for a few coffee for a few days then keep that in a second container. This will preserve the flavor and ensure you enjoy every cup of your gourmet whole bean coffee.


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For Robust Flavor Choose Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee

Go to Jermiahs' Pick CoffeeJeremiah’s Pick Coffee is a premier coffee roaster with a commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility. Founded in 1993 and based in San Francisco, Jeremiah’s Pick has impressed coffee connoisseurs for almost 20 years with its fresh premium roasts and bold flavors. Each bag of coffee is specially packaged within hours of roasting, to lock in the coffee’s natural flavor and freshness. The result is a smooth specialty blend in several gourmet flavors.

Keeping it in the Family

 While many commercially-traded coffees are mass-harvested, Jeremiahs Pick coffee is made from beans grown on family farms and cooperatives that support sustainability and ethical practices. Each year, Jeremiah personally selects farmers who share his respect for the land and meet his high standards for premium beans. By investing in strong personal relationships with environmentally-responsible growers, Jeremiah’s Pick is able to ensure superior coffee products that are produced responsibly.

Each organic coffee selection is certified by the USDA-accredited California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and backed by Jeremiah’s personal guarantee.

The Unique Roasting Process

The San Francisco-based company is able to develop exciting flavor profiles with the use of an innovative, three-bag roaster. This roaster allows heat to re-circulate around the beans, preserving the flavor while removing the smoky aftertaste. Each batch of premium beans is hand-roasted to capture the true essence of the coffee’s delicate flavor.

In 2007, Jeremiah’s Pick introduced a revolutionary grinder, featuring four precise steel rollers designed to heighten the flavor of each coffee granule. Unlike some competitors’ machinery, this grinder is refrigerated to protect the finely-ground coffee from the heat that naturally occurs during the grinding process.

Robust Flavor Profiles

Coffee lovers nationwide will be impressed with the expert blends and distinctive flavor tones of Jeremiah’s Pick’s hand-roasted coffee.

The popular Colombian blends are praised for their intense aroma and understated notes of sweetness. Made with 100% Arabica beans, these gourmet coffees are roasted daily and vacuum-sealed to seal in the full-bodied flavor.

For those seeking a mellower blend, Jeremiah’s Pick’s exotic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has an expertly-balanced, buttery finish, making it the perfect after-dinner coffee. The delicate Arabica beans are hand-selected and freshly ground in a precision grinder to preserve the smoothness of this silky medium roast.

Environmentally-conscious connoisseurs will also love Jeremiah’s Pick’s Organic Kona Blend, a CCOF-certified, kosher medium roast with a velvety, sweet finish.

Find a wider range of great Jeremiah’s Pick coffee beans in the Jeremiah’s Pick store.

Jeremiahs Pick coffee is made from beans grown on family farms and cooperatives that support sustainability and ethical practices.
Jeremiah's Pick Organic Coffee Beans
Date Published: 07/05/2011
Full flavored, sustainable and organic!
4 / 5 stars

Julie Hume

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What is So Special About Kicking Horse Coffee?

Go to Kicking Horse CoffeeKicking Horse Coffee–A Different Kind of Brew

Pull up a chair, grab your cup, and take a sip. Whatever coffee you are drinking this morning, let its taste take you on a journey. This is not just a journey to “your happy caffeinated place.” This is a journey to where coffee started. Where did you buy it? Where was it processed before you bought it? Where did the producer get the bean to make the coffee that you are enjoying right now? Where was the bean grown? Who else was involved in this whole process?

Don’t know the answer to any of these questions? Then, you are drinking the wrong coffee. If you were drinking a strong cup of Kicking Horse Coffee, you wouldn’t have to wonder.

The History of Kicking Horse Coffee

Founded in 1996, Kicking Horse was birthed out of the notion that there is a better way to do coffee (and many other things, for that matter). In an attempt to make better coffee, the company researched the possibilities and did not stop until it had become a certified member of the Fair Trade Organization and TransFair Canada. Today, not only is Kicking Horse Coffee 100% Certified Fair Trade and 100% Certified Organic, it is also the #1 organic Fair Trade Coffee in Canada. See the purpose of Kicking Horse is to not only bring the consumer an outstanding cup of joe but to also benefit the farmer, the economy, the environment. It’s a process, and it’s all guaranteed.

The Coffee Beans

Aside from the fundamental business, what makes Kicking Horse java different from others? For starters, it’s the bean.

From the very beginning this coffee is different. Grown by farmers committed to Fair Trade themselves, Kicking Horse coffee beans are also grown organically using renewable resources. That means they are grown conserving soil and water, avoiding pollutants such as pesticides and herbicides, and meeting specified standards to be certified. Kicking Horse coffee beans are also shade grown in bird-friendly environments and harvested by hand, which creates an exceptional product produced in an unparalleled environment.

The Kicking Horse Roast

With such a stellar process up to the point of harvest, no shortcuts can be taking in terms of roasting and brewing this product either. Kicking Horse views coffee roasting as a science and an art, coordinating heat, air flow, time and technique to manifest just the right taste. Balancing each of these aspects, Kicking Horse offers three main roasts: dark with a rich, full-bodied flavor from longer, more intense roasting; medium that is smooth and balanced from a shorter roasting time; and light which is typically anywhere from floral to fruity to sweet from the lightest of roasting processes.

So, you see, it’s not just about the coffee. It’s about the process, the people, the product. That’s what makes Kicking Horse Coffee a different kind of brew. You can taste the difference for yourself with any of our recommended selections below or visit the Kicking Horse store on Coffee Nut Hut.

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Gifts for Coffee Nuts – Coffee Gift Baskets

Give the Gift of Gourmet Coffee

How do you pick a gift for a difficult person that “has everything”?  Something that might be a little more unusual as a gift but definitely appreciated by coffee nuts everywhere is a coffee gift basket. One reason that a selection of gourmet coffee and coffee products is such a great idea is that we coffee nuts can be a staid bunch. While there is of course, the occasional coffee crazy nut who happily tries out many different blends and beans and is always thrilled to find a new variety, there are those, and yes, we have them at the Coffee Nut Hut too, who become a little bit set in their ways.

Now, not that we are saying that there is anything wrong with brand loyalty. If you like your coffee strong and need a cup of Kicking Horse, Kick Ass Dark just to get you into morning gear, well don’t go a-changing. We would not want to be responsible for you being late for work. But… as they say, variety is the spice of life so there just might be a coffee bean with your name on it out there and how will you ever know if you don’t  kick over the traces once in a while?

So we’ve put together a few examples of great coffee gift baskets for you. Now you can save your spouse a big headache by sending her the link to this page about two weeks before you next birthday. 😉

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