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Pull up a chair, grab your cup, and take a sip. Whatever coffee you are drinking this morning, let its taste take you on a journey. This is not just a journey to “your happy caffeinated place.” This is a journey to where coffee started. Where did you buy it? Where was it processed before you bought it? Where did the producer get the bean to make the coffee that you are enjoying right now? Where was the bean grown? Who else was involved in this whole process?

Don’t know the answer to any of these questions? Then, you are drinking the wrong coffee. If you were drinking a strong cup of Kicking Horse Coffee, you wouldn’t have to wonder.

The History of Kicking Horse Coffee

Founded in 1996, Kicking Horse was birthed out of the notion that there is a better way to do coffee (and many other things, for that matter). In an attempt to make better coffee, the company researched the possibilities and did not stop until it had become a certified member of the Fair Trade Organization and TransFair Canada. Today, not only is Kicking Horse Coffee 100% Certified Fair Trade and 100% Certified Organic, it is also the #1 organic Fair Trade Coffee in Canada. See the purpose of Kicking Horse is to not only bring the consumer an outstanding cup of joe but to also benefit the farmer, the economy, the environment. It’s a process, and it’s all guaranteed.

The Coffee Beans

Aside from the fundamental business, what makes Kicking Horse java different from others? For starters, it’s the bean.

From the very beginning this coffee is different. Grown by farmers committed to Fair Trade themselves, Kicking Horse coffee beans are also grown organically using renewable resources. That means they are grown conserving soil and water, avoiding pollutants such as pesticides and herbicides, and meeting specified standards to be certified. Kicking Horse coffee beans are also shade grown in bird-friendly environments and harvested by hand, which creates an exceptional product produced in an unparalleled environment.

The Kicking Horse Roast

With such a stellar process up to the point of harvest, no shortcuts can be taking in terms of roasting and brewing this product either. Kicking Horse views coffee roasting as a science and an art, coordinating heat, air flow, time and technique to manifest just the right taste. Balancing each of these aspects, Kicking Horse offers three main roasts: dark with a rich, full-bodied flavor from longer, more intense roasting; medium that is smooth and balanced from a shorter roasting time; and light which is typically anywhere from floral to fruity to sweet from the lightest of roasting processes.

So, you see, it’s not just about the coffee. It’s about the process, the people, the product. That’s what makes Kicking Horse Coffee a different kind of brew. You can taste the difference for yourself with any of our recommended selections below or visit the Kicking Horse store on Coffee Nut Hut.

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