What Could Be Better Than the First Freshly Brewed Coffee of the Day?

Well, if you have had to stop at a bistro on the way to the office to grab your first real cup of joe, then the first freshly brewed coffee of the day that you have made yourself at home, is better. Miles better! Forget that insipid teaspoonful of instant coffee and treat yourself to home brewed coffee – everyday.

The French Press – The Elegantly Simple Solution for Home Brewed Coffee

For some reason, those who have not already succumbed to the temptation of home brewed coffee think doing so is either going to be expensive or complicated. In fact, it is neither.

You do not have to splurge on a professional espresso machine in order to enjoy fantastic coffee.  The elegantly simple French Press is all you need and it is available in a variety of sizes and prices. Look at these for an idea of the range in the cost of French Press coffee makers.

Primula 6 Cup French Coffee Press

Primula 6 Cup : $14.81

Bodum Pressum 8 Cup French Press

Bodum Pressum 8 Cup: $58.27

How to Use the French Press

Brewing a fabulous cup of coffee does not have to be difficult. With an easy-to-use French Press and the right amount of coffee grinds and hot water, anyone can make the quality cup expected at a gourmet bistro. The French Press requires a spoon of coffee grinds for each cup, the proper amount of boiling water and three or four minutes of time to brew to fullest taste. Still, the coffee is not ready until the press is gently lowered over the grinds to gradually and forcefully press the remaining flavor from them.

Now, those who will only drink one or two cups of coffee at a time should purchase a smaller machine or they should make extra coffee and store it in a thermal container for later. Once the coffee oils are exposed to air they begin to lose their aroma. That’s why luke-warm or re-warmed coffee is not quite as good as it was when it was hot and freshly brewed.This point is also relevant because if you invest in a French Press and select a lovely full flavored coffee bean, then you will want to be grinding the beans fresh.

You only need to invest in the French Press and the coffee grinder once and then you can immerse yourself in the flavorsome world of the coffee gourmet.

When it comes to brewed flavors, many people like coffee black and some like cream, sugar or both added. For those who like to try new flavors, they can add in a little amaretto, hazel nut or other flavoring to taste. Different varieties of coffee can be fun to try. The French Press and some quality coffee will make the home bistro coffee making extremely easy and rewarding. For those interested in how to use the French Press, we suggest Cafe Altura Organic Coffee as an ideal choice for a new home coffee brewer.

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