Full City Coffee from Cafe Excellence

This 2-lb bag of rich coffee from Café Excellence works out to a cost of approx., $9.2 per pound — not the least expensive, but in the words of one reviewer, “Good flavor and a good price too. I like stronger coffees, and this is a nice bold cup without any bitterness..”

We’re always pleased to find some new selected artisan and gourmet bean roasters here in the nut hut, and just this week we’ve added two brand new ones — Pear’s and Café Excellence, which combined with another newcomer, Cameron’s, makes a trifecta of unique roasters. Here’ we’ll give you an overview from a shopper-connoisseur perspective. There’s quite a range in the final cost per pound, as you’ll learn below, depending on packaging quantities, and special processes.  When you see “Organic” this usually means little or no pesticides were used, and the coffee was grown in the shade.  Compare all 12 of our Select Gourmet Coffee Roasters, here.

Café Excellence Coffee

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Owned by the Valerio family for over 24 years, Café Excellence Coffees are roasted in Audubon, PA.  A sample of every bag of green coffee beans is roasted and cupped confirming the quality ordered is the quality received. Micro-Roasting of coffee combines the art of roasting beans to their individual development and flexibility.  Café Excellence flavored coffees begin with a naturally sweet smooth coffee from Central America dry roasted to perfection.  GO >>


Cameron's Organic French Roast Coffee

At $6.25 per pound (2 lb. bag), Cameron’s Organic French Roast comes highly rated at an excellent price.

Shopper Tip: Known for unusual flavors at good prices like Coconut Cream Pie, this Roaster sells packs of 1, 2 lb. bag,  for a best shopping price of $7.50 per pound.

Camerons’ Coffee

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Since 1978 the name Cameron’s Coffee has become synonymous with coffee rich in flavor, yet subtle and complex. Located in Minnesota, Cameron’s hand-packs only the most flavorful beans from around the world for a truly wonderful cup of coffee. Taste the flavor, enjoy the moment, and share in a coffee so full of character… proud to be called  Cameron’s. GO >>

Shopper Tip: Known for special blends like Chocolate Carmel Brownie, this Roaster sells packs of 1, 32oz. bag / 2, 12oz. bags, for a best shopping price of $6.25 per pound.

Pears Amaretto Coffee

At approx. $9 per pound, Pear’s Ameretto is a good choice for a specialty blend to celebrate the holidays.

Pear’s Coffee

shop at Pear's Gourmet Coffee
Master Roaster “Pierre Hermann” (Pear), founder of Pear’s Coffee, first came to the States in 1915. A gifted craftsman, with his expert touch, Pear created the finest, most flavorful roasted nuts and coffee in the world. Today Pear’s coffee is produced in Omaha in a 50,000 sq. ft. precision facility, but still with old-world values — our roaster, built in the 1940s, continues to enhance the delicate roasting technique that made Pear’s famous. GO >>

Shopper Tip: Known for special blends like Creme Brulee, this Roaster sells packs of 6, 8 oz. bags (perfect as gifts), for a gourmet shopping price of $6.75 per pound.

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