“Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.” ~ Author Unknown

Isn’t that correct? Who needs sleep anyway — it is said that Einstein, Ben Franklin and other famous achievers slept very little.  In this post we’ll take a look at one of our preferred beans. Actually we’re nuts about most coffees, but they must be ripe with flavor as they are by our Select Coffee Roasters..

Organic Shaded Coffee

Above, the red trees provide shade for coffee growing in Orosí, Costa Rica — one method often used for “Organic” coffees.

Organic Coffee Beans…

Organic: While definitions of “Organic” coffees do differ, they are some of the finest and purest, often grown in shade to enhance flavor, and almost always without pesticides. When specialty coffee importers travel the world to coffee estates they are always seeking the very best. And, it’s not surprising that many traditionally grown organic coffee show very high quality in the cup. Note that just about any of your favorite roasts and flavors could be grown organically.  We have an all organic shop here in the Coffee Nut Hut — take a look (one of the staff favorites are selections from Cafe Altura).

Note also that some Organics are “certified” as “Fair Trade” coffee.  This means they have undergone an extensive review process to ensure quality and purity with regards to their growing practices.  Organic coffee is usually more expensive to grow without the chemicals and processes used by mass producers.  So, once a grower achieves certification, that grower can sell direct to retailers, bypassing middlemen and thus achieve competitive returns.  This is why some coffee nuts like to patronize certified Fair Trade growers, and the nut hut is proud to present Ethical Beans distributers,  and Kicking Horse Coffee beans.

What about our other roasters, and other growers? Well, in the free market there are still a great range of coffee growers who produce great beans, some via organic processes, but have chosen not to obtain the expensive Fair Trade certification.  We don’t think it’s fair to label all of them as “unethical”.  Instead, as you shop through hundreds of choices, take a look at the different labels, and descriptions.  Many roasters offer organically grown coffees within a wide range of available roasts and blends.  Learn a bit more about our roasters on the roaster overview page — here.

Be sure to write and tell us (use the comments section below) about your favorite coffee experience, and if you ever suffered from “caffeine deprivation”. We will pick a winner each month and send you some beans so you can enjoy more coffee funk.

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