Koa Coffee Plantation's -- a grower of Kona Coffee - Main Farm in Captain Cook

The first time we ever tasted Kona Coffee, we were fortunate to be sitting on the black volcanic rocks on the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in the town of Kona itself.  Spoiled?  Not really.  No matter where you taste it — it’s a great, rich cup of coffee you’ll never forget.  We have a tasting video below, by “Jason Coffee” (if ever there was a Coffee Nut, we think we found him) of this rich varietal.  Note how Jason advises you to “slurp” it.  He’s right.  And, if you’d like to have a taste real Kona Coffee, just order some from our Hawaiian Coffee Beans shop we have over 15 pages of choices (Kona and other Hawaiian select coffees).

Tasting Kona Coffee with Jason Coffee…

Note that the comment rewards Jason talks about in the video are for comments at his site: CoffeeCupNews.org. Here at CoffeeNutHut.com, we also offer a drawing for best comments of the month — currently we pick two best Coffee Nut comments and send you some great, fresh coffee beans, from our Bean Store.

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