Fair trade Coffee growers in Tacuba in the Par...Organic and Fairtrade  coffee and cocoa are growing in popularity as people realise the benefits of spending those extra pennies per box and the payback in both health and human terms.

 Why Buy Fair Trade Coffee?

Consumers usually decide to buy Fair Trade products because production is carried out using sustainable farming practices, specifically not allowing deforestation to occur as part of plantation farming techniques.

Buying Fair Trade coffee also offers the consumer the assurance that the workers on the plantation are working under improved terms and conditions, giving them a better quality of life and reducing exploitation.

 Isn’t all coffee organic?

Tea or coffee qualifies as organic only when environment-friendly techniques are employed in its production. An organic unit should essentially be a self-sustaining one and the principles of sustainability are designed into the plantation at the time of its establishment. It is crucial that all resources within the plantation are marshalled and used effectively.

Any past cultivation of the land on which a new organic coffee plantation is top be established will have left chemical residue in the soil.  For this to be neutralized and inherent nutrient levels built up, will take a conversion period of 3 to 5 years.

If you have never experienced the full flavor of organic or Fair Trade coffee then we recommend you try one of our selected favorites. And hey, you don’t need to takle out word for it. Check out the reviews!


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