Cameron's Coffee Organic French RoastThere is no question that without the aroma and flavor of that first cup of morning coffee to look forward to the average coffee nut just might not make it out of bed. The comfort of that first cup is inexplicable to a non-coffee drinker.

But even the most ardent coffee lover is up for a big surprise the first time he or she tastes organic coffee. The way organic coffee is grown is not only good for the earth it is exceptionally good for the flavor.

Smooth, all-natural, nutritious, delicious and affordable it is no surprise that organic coffee is increasing in popularity and can now be found on menus all over from little mom and pop stores to big coffee chains.

Kicking Horse Organic CoffeeBut being the coffee nuts that you are, we are sure you are asking, what makes organic coffee just so darned delicious?

1. It all starts with the seed.

Organic coffee beans are grown naturally, with no chemicals or harmful pesticides interfering with the tender beans.  Not only does switching to organic coffee prevent you from ingesting traces of harmful chemicals, you also help to create a better world as chemicals commonly used in treating coffee beans often seep into the ground, infecting local water supplies and destroying the fertility of the soil.

2. Burgeoning in nutrient-rich soil.

CompoundinEthical Bean Organic Fair Trade Coffeeg the benefits of soil fertilized with only organic, all-natural compounds is the fact that organic coffee farms use only human hands to tend to the soil. No massive tractors or machinery used here. The personal care that each coffee plant (and the soil bringing it to life) gets ensures that your coffee beans are fed all the nutrients that they need.

3. Bring on the shade.

In order to be formally categorized as “organic,” farmers must grow their beans on shaded land for three consecutive years. The amount of shade given to a coffee plant is essential in the coffee beans’ growth. The more shade coffee beans are given, the more likely they are to develop a rich aroma, which gives it an intense and mouthwatering taste and affirms why organic coffee is preferable to many traditional coffees you’ll find on the market.

The end result is a rich flavor and deep aromatic scent and most likely one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever tasted. Now if that ain’t worth getting out of bed  for, we just don’t know what is?

Buy Organic Coffee

Haven’t tried organic coffee yet? Hop on the bandwagon! We suggest Cameron’s Coffee blends–an ideal choice for tasting a classic cup of organically-made coffee. Or to help coffee farmers around the world, try some fair trade coffee with Ethical Bean Coffee or Kicking Horse Coffee from East Kootenay, Canada.  Browse our full selection of organic coffees.

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