Berres Brothers' LogoThe is pleased to announce the addition of a new “select” roaster — Berres Brother’s Coffee Roasters to our growing list of Select Coffee Roasters.

The Berres family’s tradition of providing quality coffee began in 1970. Marvin Berres founded Coffee Host Inc., a coffee, soda and snack vending business serving companies within a 60 mile radius of Watertown, Wis. In March 1992, the Berres Brothers Coffee brand was officially launched when Marvin’s sons, Peter and Jeff Berres, took over the business and started roasting their own coffee. Over a million pounds of coffee were roasted in 2007, a new record for Berres Brothers. Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters offers over 100 types of specialty coffees, including more than 50 flavored varieties, as well as single origins, blends and Fair Trade certified organics from around the world – all roasted fresh daily.  John Johnson, Master Roaster for Berres Brothers, earned a third place ranking in the 2009 Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) 6th annual Roaster’s Choice competition.

We welcome these certified Coffee Nuts to the Nut Hut. Hey… how does the Nut Hut select its featured roasters? We look for the all of the following:

  • A reputation of quality backed up by good reviews online
  • Unique roasts, and blends — at least 12 varieties
  • A regional or city based company branching out online — in other words, smaller than the national brands and therefore still concerned with building a unique line of coffee roasts
  • An interesting company story and roasting philosophy
  • Available via the marketplace — we’re powered by Amazon

Watch for more roasters coming soon, and get an overview of our Select Roasters here.

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