French Press Coffee Maker

You’ll find this French Press machine, other choices, grinders, and course ground coffee in our French Press Shop

Sooner or later, most Coffee Nuts learn about the wondrous ability of French Press Coffee makers to enhance the flavor. Why do we claim the the flavor is better? Well, using this method, invented over a century ago (I wonder where?), the coffee actually mixes directly with heated water, before it’s strained. It’s the before part that does the trick.

Here are your steps, then some pointers and a how-to video.

  1. Shop for a French Press Machine — they range from $15 to $80
  2. Course grind (so it doesn’t slip through the filter in your press) your coffee or order it course ground
  3. Heat the press itself, plus the water you will use to almost boiling
  4. Add a coffee spoonful for each cup, plus “one for the pot” — or “press”, in this case
  5. Let the coffee steep in the hot water for approx. 3-4 minutes, stirring after 1 minute
  6. Strain using your press to slowly and gently force the grinds to bottom
  7. Pour and enjoy a great cup of flavorful coffee

Pointers: If you only want a couple of cups of French Pressed coffee, purchase a smaller unit (3 – 8 cup machine), because unless you drink it fast, it will get cold standing in the press. To serve French Pressed coffee to guests, and to keep your own pot warm longer, consider a thermos version of the press, or pour into a thermal container. Remember to experiment with the right coarse grind. If you have a simple home grinder, just grind the beans for a little less than 10 seconds. Experiment also with a little more coffee in the Press than you would use for a drip coffee maker.

Video Overview:

We found a Coffee Nut — Jasper from Parisi Coffee — to give you a video overview of how to do it — looks like he makes some great Artisan Coffees too…

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