There is something beautifully intoxicating about the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The scent of regular coffee wafts through the air gently beckoning your attention and then, once you have succumbed to the temptation, it  relaxes your cares away with it’s soothing heat and smooth flavor. But take that experience (well known to every coffee nut) and multiply by a factor of at least ten when you are considering gourmet coffees. That’s because gourmet coffee intensifies all the good points of regular store brand and cancels out the bad.

At the Coffee Nut Hut, if we had not all been coffee nuts to begin with, our regular staff tasting sessions would have made us so. At the start of every month, we compare the flavor and aroma of various specialty, organic and gourmet coffees and choose a favorite and then that is what we drink for the rest of the month.

From bold to smooth, light roast to dark, gourmet coffees are as varied in flavor and intensity as fine French wine. At least half the fun of enjoying gourmet coffee is finding new flavors and blends to enjoy.

There are many delicious gourmet coffee roasters  in our showcase but for the budding coffee gourmet here are our current top three.

Coffee Bean Direct Coffee Bean Direct Coffee Roasters
Coffee Bean Direct offers some of the most economical coffees and best prices per pound on the coffee market. Lovers of the roast note the ideal freshness found in each pack. You can choose from a four different varieties ranging in intensity from light roast to Italian roast and at Coffee Nut Hut we offer this gourmet coffee at wholesale prices.
Ethical Bean Coffee Ethical Bean Coffee
This java is more than a midday caffeine pick-me-up. It also comes packed with the feel good factor. Ethical Bean Coffee comes from Canada and is always 100% certified fair-trade certified and organic. It’s grown free of harmful pesticides, which means no chemicals are near your beans or the workers who help harvest them. Critics recommend the “Lush” flavor of this medium roast, bold flavored coffee. Pricing on Ethical Bean Coffee hits the $15 per pound mark.
Lavazza Italian Gourmet Coffee Beans Lavazza Coffee Roasters
Go international with the best coffee Italy has to offer. Lavazza has been making great gourmet coffee for more than 110 years and today the perfect cup of Italian Roast. We’re pretty sure that no coffee nut could resist their Super Crema Espresso. Pricing start at $9.05 per pound.
Camano Island Coffee Camano Island Coffee Roasters
Camano Island is known for shade-grown and unique bean blends that are hard to find in other places. The shade keeps beans low in acid and high in bold flavor. These certified and organic beans are selected from the among the top 1% of coffee beans grown worldwide in exotic destinations such as Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Brazil and you can order them right here on Coffee Nut Hut!
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