Coffee Beans GaloreIn today’s society, one would be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t enjoy a good cup of java. We drink it to wake up and we drink it to stay up. We drink it socially, and it’s even acceptable to drink it alone. Coffee shops of all kinds open up on a daily basis. Today, even the average convenience store offers a mind boggling assortment of trendy flavors to kick start our day. There are a few interesting facts however, that you may not be aware of regarding this wonderful beverage.

  • In the late 1600‘s, the King of England actually placed a ban on the drink. He felt that people were meeting in local taverns, conspiring against him while partaking in a warm cup of joe. Perhaps he needed to take a long look at his own habits. Sounds like he had more than a little caffeine in his system.
  • As far as commodities go, coffee second place only to oil, in volume traded worldwide. There are some mornings we could all go for a barrel of caffeine I suppose.
  • Coffee is an extremely controversial beverage. At one point in history there were areas around the globe you could be executed for doing harm to a single plant. Maybe that is where the (erroneous) rumour started that coffee was bad for your health?
  • It is widely believed that a goat herder in Ethiopia discovered the plant. Well, apparently his goats made the initial discovery. Their erratic behavior led the herder to the conclusion they were consuming the berries that gave them more than just a little kick.
  • According to some scientists, it may boost the sex drive in female rats. Easy ladies, the same does not hold true for humans.
  • There are almost 45 beans in one shot of espresso. All I can say is, WOW!
  • Over 90% of coffee is consumed at the breakfast table. Well, let’s rephrase that. 90% of coffee is consumed in the morning. Nowadays who has time to sit at a table for breakfast?
  • In Costa Rica and Japan, the popular bean even has its own holiday. And yes, it’s called “Coffee Day”.
  • Over 1 billion cups of are consumed daily. The average person helps by indulging in 2-3 of those cups. Soon adds up doesn’t it.

Did we include your favorite coffee fun fact? If not, be sure to comment below to redress the error.

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