Dumping coffee beans into the grinderOne of the most wonderful aromas in the world is freshly brewed coffee. The anticipation of that first sip of liquid nirvana starts with the scent of freshly ground beans. For Coffee Nuts, there’s no replacement for the fragrance of the bean.

Many coffee lovers purchase their favorite blend at their local shop and have them grind it. While that sure beats instant, it is not the best way to enjoy coffee.  Once ground, the coffee beans release oils and the flavor begins to degrade. Some might advise that you can freeze ground coffee but moisture still seeps into the grind and you lose that freshly ground flavor.

If you’re going to buy gourmet coffee beans, you want to experience them at their flavorsome best. The best way to do that is to grind your own beans. Many coffee lovers are leery of grinding their own beans, mostly because the vast number of grinders out there. With a little research and thought, you can find the coffee beans machine that’s right for you. There are two basic types of grinders: metal blades and burrs.

Coffee Grinders: Metal Blade or Burr?

Toastmaster Coffee and Spice Grinder


Metal blades are the least expensive of the two but can make for an inconsistent texture and they can be finicky to clean. There are many different options to choose from when looking at metal blade grinders including the one pictured which is from Toastmaster and has a 2oz capacity grinder. The consistency of the grind from a metal blade coffee grinder will depend on how long the machine runs.

Nowadays, like the Toastmaster (which also grinds spices) many have a pulse action which gives you a finer control over the results.

Of course, metal grinders come in different sizes and prices but generally speaking they are much leass expensive than the burr type grinder.  and therefore are a good choice for those who just want to experiment with grinding their own coffee.


Breville Burr BCG800XL Smart Grinder


Burr-type coffee grinders tend to be more expensive – though not all are quite as costly as the fabulous Breville Smart Grinder (pictured). It is very much top of the range and recommended only for those who really do class themselves true coffee nuts.

Typically, the benefits of a burr grinder over the metal blade type are less mess, easier to clean and better control over the consistency of the grind. It is interesting to note, that despite the relatively high price, the Breville Smart Grinder gets overwhelmingly good reviews. For example, at the time of writing, this machine had 109 reviews. Of these 101 were for 4 or 5 starts. That’s is pretty impressive for a home appliance of this type and cost.

If you are just setting out on your mission to find the better cup of home brewed coffee, then start with an inexpensive metal blade grinder. Even the cheapest of these will enable you to enjoy a full flavored home brewed cup of coffee as good as any you might bet in a bistro.

Of course, whether you choose the metal blade or burr grinder, you will need some coffee beans to grind. Try some wholesale beans from Coffee Bean Direct or maybe opt for one of the delicious flavored coffees from Cameron’s Coffee. Once you’ve tasted coffee made with freshly ground beans, you’ll never go back to preground.

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