Give the Gift of Gourmet Coffee

How do you pick a gift for a difficult person that “has everything”?  Something that might be a little more unusual as a gift but definitely appreciated by coffee nuts everywhere is a coffee gift basket. One reason that a selection of gourmet coffee and coffee products is such a great idea is that we coffee nuts can be a staid bunch. While there is of course, the occasional coffee crazy nut who happily tries out many different blends and beans and is always thrilled to find a new variety, there are those, and yes, we have them at the Coffee Nut Hut too, who become a little bit set in their ways.

Now, not that we are saying that there is anything wrong with brand loyalty. If you like your coffee strong and need a cup of Kicking Horse, Kick Ass Dark just to get you into morning gear, well don’t go a-changing. We would not want to be responsible for you being late for work. But… as they say, variety is the spice of life so there just might be a coffee bean with your name on it out there and how will you ever know if you don’t  kick over the traces once in a while?

So we’ve put together a few examples of great coffee gift baskets for you. Now you can save your spouse a big headache by sending her the link to this page about two weeks before you next birthday. 😉

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