Berres Brothers' LogoCoffee Host, founded in 1970 by Marvin Berres and located in Watertown Wisconsin, was a small retail business that sold coffee as well as other drinks and light snacks. Because the business was so small, it only served the immediate area but this small, local business was only the beginning of the Berres families’ long-standing tradition in serving high-quality coffee.

In 1992, Peter and Jeff Berres (Marvin’s sons) began roasting their own varieties of coffee. This was the official start of the family-owned coffee brand. Their new venture gave them the ability to sell their products in other small retail outlets in the surrounding area.

The company was entirely rebranded by Peter in 2000, and the name was officially changed to Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters, Inc. The company grew again in 2005 when they opened a small shop and eatery. In 2007, they set a company record of roasting over one million pounds of coffee. Since then, they have received various other honors and reached other achievements.

Today, the company offers well over 100 specialty coffees. They are individually roasted every day and include various flavors, blends and Fair Trade certified varieties. These coffees are made from the highest quality Arabica beans, and can be purchased as whole beans or may be ground for use in various types of coffee makers.

Berress Brothers’ products are offered in a wide range of tastes and strengths including decaffeinated for those who enjoy the flavor without the kick and both whole bean and ground coffee is available.

At the Coffee Nut Hut lists both the whole bean and ground varieties but we recommend going for whole bean every time That way you are guaranteed a cup full of flavor every time you freshly grind your own coffee.

Berres Brothers coffees also come in specialty flavors, such as Streusel Cake, Chocolate mint and many more. There are even organic varieties available. Here are some of our favorites:

Berres Brothers Whole Bean Highland Grog

Berres Brothers Highlander Grog

Real customer reviews:

  • Best Coffee on the Whole Planet!
  • Splendid tasting coffee!
  • Highlander Grogg is wonderful!

Berres Coffee 5 Star

 Berres Brothers Streusel Cake Whole Bean

Berres Brothers Streusel Cake

Real customer reviews:

  • Excellent Coffee
  • Great Coffee!! Love Berres Brothers coffee
  • YUMMY!

Berres Coffee 5 Star

 Berres Brothers Turtle Sundae

Berres Brothers Turtle Sundae

Real customer reviews:

  • Very Tasty
  • Excellent coffee


Coffee 5 Star

This is  just a tiny sample of the full Berres Brothers coffee range. You can see many more in the Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters store.

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